Wonderful Cyclamen

The wonderful cyclamen is a special plant with an eccentric appearance, and for good reason it has been one of the most loved plants for years. Cyclamen is a popular colorful houseplant in Europe. This is remarkable because in a living room this wonderful beauty does not necessarily feel most comfortable.

Where does the cyclamen come from?

Maybe you know the cyclamen as an alpine violet. That is strange because she does not come from there, she comes from the Mediterranean, where she can be admired in the wild. The version that we use as a houseplant comes from Iran. Both versions are available in numerous colors and designs. Red, pink, lilac, white, with and without special petals. She is a family of the primula, and will also last several years. The cyclamen is beautiful and versatile. The outdoor cyclamen that are now in store are suitable for indoors and outdoors.

Optimistic cyclamen

The cyclamen is a cheerful, optimistic plant with bright colors. It looks elegant and fragile, but it is a strong bloomer from a sturdy base.

The leaves are heart-shaped and have beautiful silver-gray or light-green drawings. Stems roll between the leaves, and the insanely beautiful flowers emerge. The flowers also have all kinds of designs and colors that nature can be very proud of.

Don’t throw away your Cyclamen!

If you buy Cyclamen, they usually flower fully. Once they have finished flowering, many Cyclamen are thrown away. But those with patience are rewarded. Don’t give up your Cyclamen, cherish it and observe the natural process. Do not water after flowering. The leaves will turn yellow and the plant will go to rest. And then suddenly in the middle of winter, the Cyclamen will flower again to an even better version than before. What a wonderful surprise.

This is how Cyclamen stay beautiful longer

Place them in a cool and light place, away from the sun and away from the heating.

Cyclamen like a slightly moist soil, they are thirsty plants.

They like to drink from below, just like in the garden. Inside, for example, from a saucer under the pot.

A temperature around 15 degrees is ideal. Pick out the faded flowers to stimulate new growth.

Plant Cyclamen in an Artstone pot with a drainage system so that they can determine their own irrigation.

Did you know?

Did you know that if you don’t let Cyclamen pollinate with bees, they will continue to grow throughout the winter!

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